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The news cycle has finally caught up! Other websites are finally reporting with X17 reported a week ago ... Khloe and Lamar are separated!

The couple have been living apart for weeks, but neither has taken action toward divorce.

Khloe and Lamar been on the rocks in the wake of the basketball star's cheating scandal and reported addiction to OxyContin and Ambien, and the reality star kicked her hubby out of their marital home after a failed attempt at an intervention.

Lamar has been bouncing around from hotel to hotel in the past few weeks, and X17 photographers just spotted him taking up residence at a new L.A. hotel just the other day -- low-budget accommodations just next to downtown's Skid Row!

    "Lamar just keeps moving around, but he hasn't been home for a while. He and Khloe have basically been separated for weeks. If Lamar doesn't agree to go back to rehab, I bet Khloe's going to file for divorce," a source tells X17online.