So let's get this straight: First Khloe Kardashian kept her wedding band and engagement rings on when visiting estranged husband Lamar Odom at a hotel, then she took them off, on Monday she put the rings back on, and on Tuesday the reality starlet removed her rings yet again! Maybe that's why she was hiding her left hand when we snapped her leaving the gym -- she didn't want us to see that she can't seem to make up her mind?

After working out on Tuesday, X17 snapped Khloe driving back to her home in Tarzana, but we got a peek at her ring finger and noticed that she was wearing the same thick diamond-encrusted band that we snapped her wearing last week. Despite several sites claiming that Lamar came home to Khloe on Monday, Radar reported that the NBA star's teammates had a failed intervention with him at a hotel in Los Angeles on the same day, so it's still not clear to us whether the couple have actually reconciled.

Plus, we snapped Lamar's former Lakers teammate and pal Derek Fisher meeting with Kris Jenner on Tuesday, so it doesn't appear as though things are back in order yet. But for Khlomar's sake we hope they work it out .. they're one of our fav celeb couples and she's by far our fav Kardashian. Sorry Kim!