And the hits keep on coming!

Lamar Odom had a car accident less than a week before his Friday D.U.I. arrest, the Los Angeles Times reports.

L.A. Times reporter Adolfo Flores was in the third car of a chain-reaction when Odom's white Mercedes hit a vehicle, which then rear-ended Flores, last Saturday off the 101 Freeway in L.A. The minor crash was not reported to authorities.

Flores said Odom initially hesitated to give him his insurance information. "It doesn't even look that bad," he allegedly said. After when he finally handed it over, the NBA star then didn't want to take his form back. Flores tried to return Odom's insurance doc three times before he finally accepted it. "I need it to drive," he said.

Flores' car and the car in the middle of the accident had bumper damage. Odom's car, on the other hand, had damage near its driver's headlight. But, Flores said it was unclear if the damage was sustained from that particular accident.

Odom was pulled over for a DUI on the same freeway early Friday morning. The athlete failed a sobriety test and once arrested, refused to take a drug test. The athlete's driving privileges have been revoked for a year.