sunglasses Lana Del Rey car shots texting driving smoking jean skirt singer print blouse

On Thursday Lana Del Rey visited a friend's house while her boyfriend waited in the car, and the 27-year-old singer rocked a decidedly retro getup for the occasion.

Earlier this year Lana revealed that she wanted to put music on pause and focus on her writing career, and she recently told Radio, “I don’t think [fame has] been conducive to writing, being on the road and all that. I don’t really feel inspired to write at all, but beforehand, when I was in Brooklyn for nine years…I was kind of a night owl and just walked around and met weird people. I really feel like I need six months to live again, time to be like, normal or abnormal. I don’t have anyone writing anything for me. It’s such an internal well and if it’s not full, it’s just not full."

For someone who has all the time and money in the world, it seems like she's been procrastinating a bit! We're curious to see what she can come up with though!

And smoking isn't Lana's only bad habit ... we busted the singer texting and driving:

sunglasses Lana Del Rey car shots texting driving