nyc tattoo heels silk shirt Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan went to dinner at ABC Kitchen in New York City on Tuesday night, and the 27-year-old starlet wore a pair of flashy booties, an oversize shirt and um, not much else!

On Sunday night Lilo's interview with Oprah aired, and she talked about her mom and dad and mistakes that have been made by everyone in her family. "No, nobody is perfect," Lohan said. "I love my parents. I'm not going to say that certain situations I would have preferred to be handled differently, certain things I would have preferred to be kept within my family in private. But that's in the past and I can't change that."

The following day she tweeted at Lady O, "Even after it all, I love my mom and dad." Looks like rehab did this girl good ... can she keep it up? We're rooting for her!