Does this mean the wedding is actually happening?!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made their first red carpet appearance in 14 months at last night's premiere of the actor's new flick Paranoia in L.A., and although it looks like the volatile couple is back on after breaking up earlier this summer, reports claim all isn't what it seems!

The "We Can't Stop" singer was sporting her engagement ring and attempted to be affectionate with her beau to silence the split chatter, but all her efforts might have been merely an act.

"Miley and Liam acted like they didn't even know each other the entire night. She was wearing her ring but they acted as if they were strangers," a source dished to Us.

Don't count on the Aussie hunk clearing up the confusion anytime soon, either!

"On Twitter, I don't share anything personal. I try to keep as much of my personal life to myself. I don't feel the need to go out and show the world what's happening in my life every second. I think it's a good chance to connect with fans and give fans an inside look on films you do. I think it's great for that kind of thing, but it's very new to me," he added.

Let's hope these two twerk it out!