When Miley Cyrus took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards last night we knew there would be plenty of twerking and wild outfits, but the 20-year old pop star took it to the next level!

The scantily-clad starlet performed "We Can't Stop" with a dozen backup dancers in teddy bear suits, but then Robin Thicke took the stage to perform "Blurred Lines" and it got even crazier. Miles ripped off her bear-emblazoned leotard to reveal flesh-toned latex underwear, and she then proceeded to grind her butt against the singer (who is married to Paula Patton, BTW) and touch herself with a foam finger. "That was dope," Thicke tweeted after the show. "Shout out to @MileyCyrus…"

In case you missed it ... video above!