This looks like the most drama-filled season yet!

The trailer for season 4 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was just released, and let's just say adding some new ladies to the mix is a recipe for cat fights!

Former regulars Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong are replaced by Former Miss Puerto Rico Joyce Giraud de Ohoven and British actress-turned-designer Carlton Gebbia.

Brandi Glanville must have been angling for more camera time, because she clashes with one and crushes on the other!

    "Carlton is a bad-ass. She's hot, I like her," she declares as they show the two sharing a passionate kiss in a hot tub.

Meanwhile, Eddie Cibrian's ex isn't exactly enamored with the former pageant queen. After being labeled a "bully", the Drinking & Tweeting author has some choice words for her new nemesis.

"If I was a bully I would have knocked your f**king teeth out by now," she screams at the brunette beauty.

Some other highlights to look forward to?

Former besties Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump are on the outs, Kyle Richard's husband Mauricio is accused of cheating, and Yolanda Foster weathers a health crisis.

Let the hair extensions fly!