Charlie Hunnam Christian Grey Sons of Anarchy Pacific Rim 50 Shades of Grey

We still can't believe this guy is playing the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey! Don't get us wrong ... we LOVE Charlie Hunnam's dirty hot biker character on Sons of Anarchy (he's the main reason we watch the hit FX show!), but we are still having a hard time picturing the scruffy British hunk as the S&M loving millionaire Christian Grey.

But maybe after a shave and a haircut (not to mention a dye job) plus a tailored suit, we can? He's undeniably handsome and he looks great without a shirt, so we have a feeling as soon as he starts shooting the film, we'll be 110% behind this.

The sixth season of SOA will premiere on Tuesday, September 10, and the seventh season will be the show's last. So how does Charlie feel about crossing over from biker boy to kinky businessman? One of our videographers asked the star how he's going to prepare for the sex scenes, and he smiled and seemed a bit embarrassed about it. He better be ready to bust out the whips and chains! Click the video below to see what else he had to say while spending some quality time with his fans: