Demi Moore Hakkasan leather dinner beverly hills

Demi Moore dined at Hakkasan in Beverly Hills last night, and then 50-year-old actress wasn't in the mood to pose for photos, but she did flash us a slight smile as she headed back to her car.

Demi might not have been in the best mood last week though, as she had a very awkward run-in with ex-hubby Ashton Kutcher's new piece Mila Kunis.

The stars all bumped into each other at the funeral of Kabbalah pioneer Rabbi Philip Berg in Safed, Israel on September 18, and a source tells In Touch, “She wasn’t happy to see Mila with Ashton. Demi introduced Ashton to the religion, so she was annoyed that he showed up — and even more annoyed that he brought Mila."

We can totally understand why!