Kanye West kim kardashian cell phone construction lumber mansion reality tv

Is Yeezy decorating his home or getting inspiration for a new music video?

On Tuesday afternoon Kanye West stopped by Vision Scenery, which is a full service set construction company that provides "custom sets, props, models, miniatures, and rentals for commercials, music videos, film, television, exhibits, displays and still shoots." Kanye definitely has a tendency to go cray crazy when it comes to his video projects, but given that he and baby mama Kim Kardashian have gold-plated toilets in their new Bel-Air home, we couldn't be surprised if he's putting together something for their love nest! And seeing as he has an unlimited budget, we're guessing the company would be willing to work with the rapper on a more personal project.

And is it just us, or has the self-proclaimed "number one rock star on the planet" put on a few pounds? Maybe he gained a little bit of weight so Kim wouldn't feel bad about the 60 pounds she gained during her pregnancy?