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You'd never know how much drama Khloe Kardashian was dealing with after seeing these photos ... maybe she really is made of steel after all!

On Monday the reality TV starlet attended a Labor Day bash at Katy Perry's new Hollywood Hills pad, and she flashed X17 photogs what appeared to be a truly genuine smile on her way in the door. Khloe also flashed her wedding band and massive engagement ring, so even though estranged hubby Lamar Odom was arrested for D.U.I. last Friday, it looks like she still hasn't given up! Or that's what she wants us to believe, anyway...we can't even keep track of how many times she's taken her rings on and off now!

Just days before Lamar's D.U.I arrest, his teammates and agent attempted to have an intervention with the NBA star to confront him about his alleged drug use, but it was reported that he left and didn't want their help. However, the very next day Lamar spent the night with Khloe at the couple's Tarzana mansion, and the following day we snapped him grabbing a bite at Taco Bell and returning home once again, so it seemed like things were getting better for a while. Over the weekend Lamar rented a bunch of DVDs and seemed to be planning a solo movie night, but so far the Kardashian family has yet to announce that the couple have officially split.

And speaking of being in a great mood, looks like the hostess was having a blast:

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