leonardo-dicaprio-230.jpgLeonardo DiCaprio covers the new issue of New York Magazine, and the 38-year-old star talks all about his highly-anticipated film The Wolf Of Wall Street.

DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a mega wealthy stockbroker whose high life came crashing down when he was found guilty of various crimes involving stock market manipulation. In between making money and going to jail, Belfort struggled with a drug addiction and apparently had lots of sex, and Leo opens up about some of the more controversial scenes in the Martin Scorcese-directed flick.

Of getting to know Belfort, DiCaprio said:
    "I wanted a close relationship with him so that I could weave intimate details into the movie ... things that weren’t in the book. I was kind of the middleman between him and Marty, and I would bring pages of notes from my meetings with Jordan—things like this insane orgy on a 747 going to Vegas, chimpanzees in diapers that would skate through the Stratton offices, very intimate stuff about his relationships with women -- and Marty was game to try everything."

In another notable scene, "a coked-up Belfort furiously dry-humps a first-class stewardess on a flight to Switzerland," writes NY Mag, but this one of the tamer plot points! “It’s a modern-day Caligula,” says DiCaprio, “the height of debauchery.”

When screenwriter Terence Winter was asked about the craziest/most memorable scene in the movie, he replied:
    "There’s a scene where Donnie [Jonah Hill's character] and Jordan take a lot of vintage quaaludes from the eighties. It takes a while for them to kick in, so they keep taking more ... DiCaprio and Hill on drugs rival Laurel and Hardy. When my wife read the scene, she was nursing our newborn son, and she nearly dropped the baby she was laughing so hard. You alternate between enjoyment and thinking, When is it going to stop? How can they possibly survive this?"

We can't wait to find out! The film hits theaters on November 15.