Miley Cyrus covers the new issue of For Fashion magazine, and the starlet has made the shocking admission that she wanted to break off her engagement with Liam Hemsworth months before they actually split.

Miley says her new song "Drive," which was written back in February, was inspired by her desire to end the relationship. "I wrote it while I was working on Valentine’s Day - emotionally it was such a hard time," Miley tells the mag. "It is about needing to leave someone but not really wanting to completely cut yourself off from the relationship. It’s a time when you want to leave but you can’t. It’s also about moving on." Hmm, wonder when she wrote "Wrecking Ball"? She made her last public appearance with Liam in early August, so it kinda makes us wonder if they had already split and were just stepping out together to keep the split news on the DL...

The 20-year-old starlet continued:
    "I feel like I’m in a different lane now. When it comes to critics, I have my blinders on and I don’t really feel like I have to compete with other pop artists. I never think, 'Oh this performance is going to make her look bad or out-shadow her' either ... But if there is no competition, there would be no reason for any of us to show up to work. At an office, everyone is trying to be boss. Pop music is the same. What I wear adds a factor that other girls can’t compete with."

So what does she have to say about her raunchy duet with Robin Thick at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards?
    "I was trying to slap Robin’s *ss but no one saw it! Believe me! MTV edited so much. They cut almost everything I did. I’m proud of that performance. I feel like music is really stale right now. I could have guessed what a lot of artists would have done that night. The reaction to what I did has been insane. I think it was a breath of fresh air! For the people that don’t get it, you weren’t meant to."