He may only be 19, but that's not a problem!

On Friday night Patrick Schwarzenegger stopped by Pearl's Liquor Bar on Sunset Blvd, and he was joined by none other than Twilight star Taylor Lautner! While the venue serves alcohol, they're also a restaurant, so Patrick was allowed in, even though he's under 21. Whew!

Patrick's dad Arnold recently talked with Daily Express and gushed about his oldest son, telling the publication, “I’m so proud of him. It’s not easy having a father like me and having to emerge with his own career. But he’s not only working hard, he’s studying hard, going to college and learning business. Half the people who make it in Hollywood lose their money so you have to learn to look after it. That’s why I’m so pleased he’s learning business just like I did. It means he won’t lose his money because of some shyster."