So Sydney Liebes is the lucky gal who is the new object of Robert Pattinson's affection! And seeing as she's a personal trainer who is spending nearly every day with the 27-year-old star, it makes sense that they're workout buddies -- and then some!

On Monday Rob and Sydney hit the gym together, and after that the two took off in his car. Sydney is helping whip the Twilight hunk in shape for his upcoming film Mission Blacklist, and a friend of Sydney's tells X17online exclusively:
    "I talked to Sydney and she's excited about training Rob. She said, 'He's a really cool guy; we're spending a lot of time together in the gym almost every day. He's fun to work with.'"

So just who is the perky brunette? She's from Westlake Village, and she graduated from high school in 2008, so she's definitely on the younger side. And get this -- though she works at A-list trainer Harley Pasternak's private gym, she's very new to the fitness industry. The pal tells X17online exclusively:
    "Sydney just started working as a trainer this summer, so I'm surprised she got this gig. I don't know why Rob would hire her, when she has so little experience, other than because she's cute."

Maybe these pics had something to do with it? It looks like Sydney has dabbled a bit in modeling: