What the heck is she doing?!

Apparently Demi Moore thinks she is a pretty big deal. The 50-year-old pulled quite an elaborate move on Wednesday while trying to avoid photographers outside her yoga studio in Hollywood. The spice-loving star enlisted a cavalcade of people to help her hide from photographers while leaving her yoga class. And we have to say -- it's really a bit much for a star who is no longer with Ashton Kutcher, and has only done two movies in the past two years, both of which were straight to video ... we think but we can't be sure because we don't know anyone who has ever seen them.

At one point, the Striptease star (remember that movie? We do. And we are never letting her forget it) even made a handyman hold up some type of board so that no one could see her. Apparently it takes a village for Demi to hide from photogs!

Do you think Demi understands how absolutely ridiculous she looks?! Luckily, we do.

Our favorite thing about this -- is that if Demi had just walked into her car like a normal person (and hadn't acted like the Queen of Sheba) -- we wouldn't have even bothered with this story. But there is something about her being so highfalutin and self important -- that we just can't help it that we want to take her down a peg -- or five.

So thanks Demi for being a ridiculous human. We needed a good laugh at the X17online offices!