The paparazzi did it! Hot mess Dina Lohan and her lawyer were in a Long Island court trying to contest DWI charges, and are claiming the reason she drove drunk on Sept. 12 is because of the challenges and stress of the constant paparazzi following her. Good one, Dina!

Uhh did you steal that line from Chris Brown's post-seizure guide?

Let's get this right -- Lilo's messed up mama is saying that photographers following her caused her to drink so much that she had a .20 blood alcohol level and then made the 50-year-old adult woman get behind the wheel and drive? Last time we checked, there really weren't hordes of paparazzi willing to make the trek out to Merrick, Long Island to bother following around the nobody-cares-about D-lister?

Dina's paparazzi defense -- seems almost flimsier than the infamous "Twinky Defense." So good luck with getting off with that one!

On Sept. 12, Dina was booked on two counts of driving while intoxicated and one count of speeding.

With a mom like this -- we can definitely see why Lindsay is where she is today.