Emma Roberts pink sweater lips eyebrows waxed salon Studio City

Yesterday, Emma Roberts was all smiles after getting freshly waxed in Studio City rocking a pink sweater and jeans to go with her boots.

The 22-year-old actress has had plenty to smile about since being added to Ryan Murphy's other hit series, American Horror Story: Coven, where she co-stars alongside boyfriend Evan Peters. Unfortunately last week her character was killed off, but we have a feeling they might figure out a way to bring her back from the dead...

"Ive been a fan of American Horror Story since the first episode. Ive wanted to be on it, but I just never really thought that they would put me on," Roberts said during a recent interview. "When Ryan called me, literally, while he was talking to me, I was jumping up and down all around the rooms of my house. I was just so excited and to top it all off, the role is a dream role so I got very lucky.

Guess she lucked out!