[HD] Katy Perry - Roar - SNL 10-12-13 by IdolxMuzic

Katy Perry is as wild as it gets!

The sugar pop star brought the jungle to the stage when she performed her hit "Roar" on Saturday Night Live last night. Katy donned a teeny tiny leopard print dress, while her band wore animal costumes. From an elephant to a parrot, her musicians had the animal kingdom covered. That's as rock and roll as it gets! "Yes, the zoo animals have been a bit bored since the government shutdown so I invited some of them on stage with me tonight... #SNL," she tweeted.


Katy, who was host Bruce Willis' musical guest, later made a wardrobe change to perform her newest single "Walking on Air." Her band coordinated their outfits again, but this time, it was head to toe white. Katy herself sported a short black and white plaid skirt, white crop top and white knee-high socks. In other words, she was a school girl, through and through.

[HD] Katy Perry - Walking On Air - SNL 10-12-13 by IdolxMuzic

It's too bad that her vocal chops didn't match the creative set-up.