Kim Kardashian kanye west reality tv studio hollywood north west white lace white lace dress see through black bra black panties

Kim Kardashian is continuing to drop the baby weight, and she clearly wants to show it off!

On Wednesday the starlet left a studio in Hollywood and then headed to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ... wearing nothing but black underwear and a very sheer lace dress!

We also got a peek at Kim's massive diamond engagement ring from Kanye West ... given that he's rapped about seeing her in a white dress, we're guessing he rushed home when he figured out what his baby mama was wearing! You KNOW she sent him a sexy selfie of this ... we're just surprised she didn't Instagram it for all the world to see!

Kim chatted about sexy selfies, her massive engagement ring ("[Kanye] did really good!") a possible "destinational" wedding (her word, not ours) and of course, the fact that she's lost exactly 50 pounds ... check out the clips from her interview below!