sunglasses jeans Kylie Jenner cowboy boots shorts kardashian tank bra

After getting in to a 21-plus venue on Saturday night (for the second time in a week!), a scantily-clad Kendall Jenner stepped out to lunch on Sunday with some gal pals.

The 16-year-old reality star wore cowboy boots, daisy dukes and a white tank with a black bra, and while she looks great we have to question whether this is really age appropriate...

And speaking of age appropriate, we have to wonder who's really supervising the teenage Jenner girls. As you know, they're home schooled, but who's keeping track of when they go to bed? "I need to start waking up at a decent hour," Kylie tweeted at 12:30am on Monday, which would be a school night for most other teens. "And on that note.. Goodnight twitter x."