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Lena Dunham certainly knows how to raise eyebrows with her fashion choices. And this ensemble was certainly no different. On Wednesday, the 23-year-old made an appearance on Fuse TV's Billy on the Street show in NYC and looked like she was all geared up to go to a bad '90s party. And while we love her hit HBO show, we can't tell a lie -- we kind of hate everything about this look.

From the early '90s blouse (that we are pretty sure she stole out of the closet of a former TGIF star) to mid-'90s graphic pants worthy of one of the members of Ace of Base and the we-don't-even-know-what-to-say-about-those horrific snakeskin things on her feet, Lena makes a plethora of fashion missteps with this outfit.

During her ill-fated fashion trip through the Big Apple, the Golden Globe winner managed to get down and dirty while filming a sketch. Did she take off all of her clothes, stab her ears with Q-tips and eat a cupcake in a bathtub? No. Not this time. But she did milk a cow in the middle of a New York City street? Yes. Yes she did.

We hope the ensemble is part of the joke of the sketch, but given her widely panned fashion picks of the past -- we kind of think this ensemble is for reals. Too bad. But at least she is a good writer!