Halloween party Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood's leading men went unnoticed at yesterday's Casamigos Halloween party thanks to their masked looks.

Leonardo DiCaprio wore a head to toe black Grim Reaper-esque costume, while Sean Penn only covered his face with a devil's mask. John Stamos also showed up as a devil, but his painted red face and protruding horns were a much more effective approach to the costume.

Sasha Baron Cohen took home the award for the most unrecognizable and strangest costume with his gorilla ski mask a grandma body pillow/puppet look. His wife Isla Fisher added to the oddity with her Strawberry Shortcake outfit and fox mask.

David Spade was one of the few actors who didn't cover up with a mask, instead donning another artist's identity. The comedian dressed up as photographer Terry Richardson. If only he had convinced a female friend to show up as Miley Cyrus, the look would have been complete.