Just because she's a material girl, it doesn't mean she has to wear a lot of material.

Madonna bundled up in head to toe black and white to attend Kabbalah service with her family on Saturday in New York City. Her children Rocco, David and Mercy James, who matched in the same bichromatic garb, joined her.

Madge wore a multi-zippered black jacket, ripped black pants fit for a pirate, and black and white booties. If that wasn't busy enough, she topped the look with a black fedora, fingerless leather gloves, and a black and white scarf.

In addition to her odd choice in clothes, the musician also behaved strangely during a recent New York screening of "12 Years A Slave," where she was caught texting during the movie.

According to the New York Post, an audience member reportedly asked Madonna to put her phone away, to which she replied, "It's for business, enslaver!" Yup, sounds like Madonna, alright.