miley-cyrus-red-thong.jpgmiley-cyrus-topless-tery.jpgTerry Richardson

Miley Cyrus is busy building up hype for her new album Bangerz, and lucky for us that means lots of sexy pictures and juicy interview quotes for the next month!

Frequent Miley collaborator/celeb shutterbug Terry Richardson snapped a new series of photos of the 20-year-old starlet, and not only does she flash her boobies, but she wears a red swimsuit that nearly exposes her lady bits. Hey, at least we know she gets waxed/lasered regularly! And this cut looks WAY better on her than it did on Borat...

In other news, Miley: The Movement premiered on MTV last night, and the hour-long special gives us an inside peek at Miley's home life, the inspiration for her new record and everything that went down before (and after) the VMAs.

Miley sits down with Britney Spears before her infamous VMAs performance, and Brit jokingly asked, "You're not going to be topless onstage, are you?" Miley's reply? "I tried but I don't think MTV's going to allow it."

Britney looked a little concerned, and she didn't know quite how to react when a somewhat starstruck Miley revealed how much she looked up to the older pop star. "I remember when the "I'm a Slave 4 U" video came out," she gushed to Britney. "[My dad Billy Ray Cyrus] shook his head and was like 'My 8 year old is going to turn into a stripper.' But I wanted to be hot like Britney and that's still what girls wanna do in the pop industry."

Earlier in the documentary Miley compares herself to Britney, but she clearly respects the "Work B*tch" singer and sees her as mentor. "The way that I am about Britney, that's the way a lot of people are about me," she said. "She was my first record. I was a lot of peoples' first album. First idol. I'll be a diehard fan for Britney always."

Check out the videos below and for the complete documentary!