Miley Cyrus appeared on Saturday Night Live last night, and the 20-year-old starlet had an interesting run-in with the ghost of her past, who warned her about her scandalous MTV VMA performance.

For her opening monologue, Miley told the audience, "There's a few subjects we're not going to get into tonight ... I'm not going to do Hannah Montana, but I can give you an update on what she's been up to -- she's been murdered." Yikes! So what did she have to say about her VMAs performance?

Miles joked that she had received phone calls from both "angry mothers" and "turned on fathers," and she added, "I don't apologize for my VMA performance. If I owe anybody an apology its the people who make the bottom half of shirts."

Miley and company also did a spoof of the government shutdown set to her "We Can't Stop" music video, and not only was there twerking involved, but the singer donned a brunette wig and dressed up as a sexy Michelle Bachmann ... check it out below!

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