We know that Miley can't stop, won't stop -- but can we just try to make her stop? The child star-turned-national embarrassment raised our already raised eyebrows when she posted yet another racy pic, this one is of her straddling her friend Cheyne Thomas, on Wednesday.

The image, which is from Tuesday's wild night out, depicts a spread-legged Miley clinging to her friend, flips off the camera and sticking her tongue out -- of course! We remember a time not to long ago when Miley said over the whole tongue-out-of-her-mouth thing. Apparently not! Wearing fishnets, a black ensemble and wearing a plaid flannel wrapped around her waist, Despite holding fistfull of dollars, leading one to believe they were in a strip club making it rain, Miley and Cheyne were actually partying down at Tuesday Baby Tuesdays at Finale Nightclub in New York's Lower East Side.

The former Hannah Montana star (remember those innocent days of yesteryear?) captioned the pic: "So it's true. If you turn the lights off and look into a mirror and say #turndown4WHAT 3 times fast shit gets TURNT."

GAAAH! What does that even mean?! We don't know! And we aren't even sure Destiny Hope (sometimes we like to refer to her as birth name) knows what it means either!

We thought maybe the "Wrecking Ball" singer was turning it around after her sophisticated appearance (she wore a fancy dress AND kept her tongue in her mouth, which is a true feat for Miley these days) at the 30th annual Night of Stars at Cipriani Wall Street. Apparently that look was just a tease and Miley is back to her crop-top wearing, wicked ways.

Yesterday, Miley posted a pic of herself with the caption, "And I've never felt more alone It feels so scary getting old." Yeesh. Oh to be an aging 20-year-old again!

It definitely looks like she is dealing with her break up from Liam Hemsworth super well!