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This is more exciting than the movies! A teary Alec Baldwin broke down in a Manhattan court yesterday while denying an affair with his alleged stalker Genevieve Sabourin. However, Sabourin was having none of the former 30 Rock actor's denials and yelled out "you're lying!" while Baldwin was on the stand in the New York City courtroom. Yikes! Talk about court room dramatics! And our photogs caught the actor leaving his New York digs this morning, heading out for another day of courtroom explosives.

CNN is reporting that Sabourin was just held in contempt of court this morning and ordered to serve 30 days in jail for repeatedly interrupting court proceedings.

Sabourin, a Canadian actress, has been charged with stalking the 55-year-old actor and his wife Hilaria. But the fiery Canuck says she's not a stalker, but instead she Baldwin's ex-girlfriend.

During Tuesday's hearing, Baldwin refuted any claims of a past relationship, saying that Sabourin had imagined the relationship. In court, Baldwin also said that she had sent him hundreds of e-mails, voice mails and even showing up unannounced at his New York home.

Some of her emails are pretty intense/verging-on-Glenn-Close-in-Fatal-Attraction. Let's take a look, shall we?

  • "I am less than 10 minutes away from you tonight. Say 'I do' to me."

  • "I need to start my new life with my new name ... in my new country, help my newly husband, you!"

  • "I may have lost all the battles to win your heart over in the past two years, but I've learn (sic) so much."

Let's hope Baldwin doesn't have any pet bunnies ...

Umm even if the alleged stalker is telling the truth and she did have a "relationship" with Baldwin at some point -- these emails and outbursts are still creepy! Someone should have told this chick not to be so damn clingy! Boys don't like a needy girl!

Baldwin is certainly taking her antics seriously. As he wiped tears from his eyes, Baldwin claimed Sabourin's "stalking" had taken a toll on his life -- saying that it made him anxious and that he was worried for his safety. Apparently Sabourin definitely didn't like the display of waterworks, as she burst out with, "Why is he crying?" during his tearful pleading.

The actor said that in March of 2012 she showed up unannounced at his New York home and ruined his engagement to his now-wife.

However things are continuing to get murky over the details of Baldwin and Sabourin's relationship, Baldwin did admit that he had dinner with her in 2010 but claimed that she was in an off-again/off-again relationship with his friend, married 87-year-old film producer Martin Bregman. However, Bregman has now spoken out, and is saying that Sabourin is not his mistress and that Baldwin is lying to cover his dalliance with Sabourin from his wife.

What is going on?! Lies! Conspiracy! Stalking! The only thing that would make this courtroom any more dramatic is if Jack Nicholson turned up looking for a few good men and heatedly told everyone they "couldn't handle the truth!" about Baldwin and Sabourin.

While the nature of their past isn't "crystal clear," Baldwin isn't currently speaking to reporters about the case. However, Sabourin is using the opportunity to get in her 15 minutes of fame. Outside the courthouse on Tuesday, she smiled widely and said, "I'm not gonna take a reduced plea for a crime I have not committed."

While we think a plea deal is probably a good idea given the facts, clearly Sabourin isn't one for making pragmatic decisions. She's been arrested several times; late last year she was arrested when she violated a court order by sending a series of tweets to Baldwin and his wife.

How did this feuding duo first meet? The most romantic way possible: They both worked on the 2002 classic, The Adventures of Pluto Nash.