Amanda Bynes will reportedly be released from the Malibu rehab facility where she's been receiving treatment so she can spend Christmas with her family, according to TMZ.

A source close to the situation tells the website that the combination of medicine and psychological counseling has sufficiently stabilized the 27-year-old starlet, who has been on an involuntary psych hold since September.

Doctors will release Bynes to her mom Lynn at some point in the next month, and she will stay at the family's home. It's not clear how long she will be allowed to stay outside of the facility before she's supposed to return, but if all goes well it seems like the starlet could be released early next year.

Bynes was transferred from the Hillmont Psychiatric Center to the UCLA Medical Center in August, and late September she was admitted to The Canyon in Malibu to continue her treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Last month Bynes' parents said in a statement, "Amanda is receiving specialized treatment in a private facility outside of Los Angeles. Amanda is making great strides towards recovery. The entire Bynes family would like to ask that they be given some measure of privacy so they can focus on Amandas health and well-being. The Bynes family would also like to thank all of Amanda's supporters and well-wishers for their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time."

Here's to hoping she gets better!