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Break out the pink? Not quite yet!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian sat down with Mario Lopez on Extra the other day, and the controversial couple talked all about their upcoming reality show, those pesky tabloid divorce rumors, and their desire to start a family.

Asked by the TV host when she was planning to get pregnant, the country singer joked, "We practice often," before her actor hubby added, "She wants a little girl, badly."

So what is the pair waiting for, then?

    "I'm actually ending a record deal that I've been in since I was 11; 20 years at the same label. That ends next month, so, yeah, it's exciting," the Grammy winner explained.

The married lovebirds also took the opportunity to promote their upcoming reality show, which they believe will allow the public to see them in a different light.

"A lot of people assume they know who we are just because what they read in the tabloids and all that fodder. We wanted to give them a little glimpse to the opposite side of all of that, into our personality," Cibrian revealed.

All the "fodder" he refers to often involves his ex-wife Brandi Glanville, and even recently there was a rumor that when the "Spitfire" chanteuse and her beau get into a quarrel, he texts his ex.

    "It was just so ludicrious, saying something to the effect like I would text Brandi all the time whenever LeAnn and I are having a fight or something like that, and you know, that's not true," he insisted.

A marriage based on an adulterous affair can't be without its critics!