Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Lamborghini

Just hours after announcing that he was postponing his Yeezus tour, we caught Kanye West gabbing away on his phone before hopping into his black Lamborghini in Hollywood. Hopefully he's chatting with someone who can fix this mess! Or maybe he was on a call with his lawyer? On Thursday it was reported that Kanye and fiance Kim Kardashian are suing YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley for allegedly leaking their proposal video.

Anyway, Kanye pushed back concerts in Vancouver, Denver and Minneapolis after a truck carrying some of his custom stage equipment crashed and damaged the gear on Friday. His record label said in a statement that the destruction has made it "impossible to put on the show and The Yeezus Tour will be postponed until these essential pieces can be reengineered and refabricated."

While his tour may be in shambles at the moment, at least he's backing his own brand! We later spotted the rapper carrying one of his own Yeezus confederate flag jackets:

Guess he really doesn't see what's so controversial about this!