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Kim Kardashian stopped by the Epione medical center in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, and we're not sure if she had any work done (the place specializes in "minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments") but she was in a very grumpy mood!

Kim was standing by the driver's side door of her Mercedes SUV with her back to photographers, and she was angry about having her picture taken, even threatening to get the police involved. "I'm gonna call the cops, 'cause I can't get in my f*cking car, or my skirt is gonna, like, it's just not appropriate," she whined. Seeing as she got famous from a raunchy sex tape, we kinda question whether she's in a position to be the judge of what is and isn't appropriate.

Kim, who was wearing a cropped top and a skirt so tight it might as well have been made by Spanx, added, "I need to get in my f*cking car and I have a skirt on and I can't with you guys taking flashes up my f*cking skirt." For the record she was wearing granny panties, and given the fact that she was facing away from photogs, it would have been pretty much impossible to get an upskirt shot...