Lady Gaga definitely knows how to steal the show! After arriving to the 2013 American Music Awards on a fake white horse, Lady Gaga teamed up with R. Kelly to do another sexy and show-stopping rendition of their hit song "Do What U Want" -- and Mother Monster knocked it out of the park.

In the very theatrical act, Gaga, who was dressed like a Rockette version of Marilyn Monroe, plays a White House secretary to R. Kelly's President Kelly. The singing twosome then reenacted an affair that could rival Scandal -- which ended in the affair being discovered and President Kelly throwing Gaga to the wolves. Not cool President Kelly! Not cool!

For the performance, Gaga wore a glittering suit which she turned into a glittering dress which she turned into a glittering leotard and R. Kelly looked like one badass president in a suit jacket and leather pants. It almost looked like the Broadway version of the Monica Lewinski/President Clinton scandal -- and we kind of like it!

For the last minute of the number, Gaga's performance took an interesting turn. Forgoing glitz, glamour and gore -- the singer belted out her song while on top of piano, as a video of herself as a girl playing the piano was shown. Towards the very end of the five-minute performance, tabloid images were projected on to the stage with various disparaging headlines including "Lady Gaga Is Fat" and "Lady Gaga Is Over." Say what you want about Lady G -- but the woman can sing. Hopefully her stunning vocal performances silenced some of her critics -- at least for awhile.

Gaga must have felt good about her performance -- the songstress strutted her stuff in a glittering bodysuit at an AMA after party at the Chateau Marmont. And true to form -- her claws were out!

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