That ain't no roller girl!

But did a recently divorced lady who had a buttload of plastic surgery just in hopes of scoring a new man just nab a role on Eastbound & Down? No SillyBilly, that's just Marilyn Manson without makeup! The 44-year-old goth rocker traded in his signature goth makeup for rollerskates and a much lighter, more feathered 'do for a role on his self-professed favorite show. We have to admit we kind of prefer the king of creepy with his eternally-ready-for-Halloween style.

Apparently the "Dope Show" singer is an Eastbound & Down superfan and has been lobbying to make a cameo on the show for years, so much so that the sultan of shock was willing to go through the makeunder to get on his favorite show.

The show's star, Danny McBride, even told MTV back in 2010 that eccentric singer would even email him trying to land a gig on the HBO comedy. McBride said, "I get weird emails from Marilyn Manson now. He sends me weird emails in the middle of the night of what he's watching on TV, and you can hear him giggling in the background." McBride continued, "One time he literally sent me a Peanuts special I guess he was watching, sometimes it's Eastbound, infomercials, anything."

Well we never thought Manson would do anything normally -- so in an odd way this style of attack makes sense!

Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, plays a plucky, roller-skating waiter on Eastbound's fourth season. Marilyn certainly knows how to keep fans on their toes!