wentworth-miller-cover-out-230.jpgWentworth Miller is H-O-T. The former Prison Break star, who came out of the closet in August, is oh-so-sexy on the cover of Out magazine’s December 2013 issue, which features their annual Out100 list!

“I remember carrying around deep feelings of shame after I tried to kill myself, feeling like I’d stumbled or failed life’s exam,” the 41-year-old out and proud actor told the publication.

The actor also gave some advice to anyone struggling with a similar problem, admitting that he felt like, “That I was now ‘damaged goods.’ What I would say to that younger self -- what I’d say to anyone who’s walked a similar road -- is to focus less on the fact that you nearly ended your life and more on the fact that you survived, that you lived to tell the tale. And then tell it. I’d say, ‘What you think of as scars are medals. They’re badges of honor, testifying to something inside you that is determined and tenacious and enduring.”

The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons is also featured on another version of the mag's cover.