Britney Spears has released the music video for her new song "Perfume," and in it the singer plays the other woman while her smokin' hot love interest double times with both Brit and his girlfriend. Of course, Britney also sprays herself with her own perfume in the vid ... at least there isn't a reference to her Vegas show this time around!

Brit previously admitted that several tracks cover the fallout from her split with Jason Trawick, and we're thinking this might be one of them. "After having a huge breakup this year, I had a lot to say in the studio, so it was really nice to have a therapy like that and to be able to share that with my fans so it's a real personal album," she told Ryan Seacrest back in September. She's currently dating David Lucado, but we have to wonder if Jason was cheating...

Britney sings, "I want to believe its just you and me / Sometimes it feels like theres three of us in here baby / So I, wait for you to call / And I try to act natural / Have you been thinking bout her or about me / And while I wait I put on my perfume, yeah I want it all over you / I gotta mark my territory..."

Whether it's about Jason or not, one thing is for sure -- Britney still looks amazing in her undies!