Jodie Foster  vest taco meeting sunglasses food jeans

Mmm, we're totally in the mood for Mexican food now!

On Wednesday Jodie Foster, who turned 51 last month, left a lunch meeting in Beverly Hills, and she emerged with a cake container holding a single taco. We're not sure if Jodie made the munchies herself or ordered them from a local eatery, but she definitely didn't want the last one to go to waste!

After appearing in Elysium this summer, Jodie isn't slated to star in any upcoming movies, but she is beginning production on Money Monster, which she will direct. And we didn't realize this until just now, but earlier this year Jodie directed an episode of the Netflix hit Orange Is the New Black, titled "Lesbian Request Denied."

Jodie and the mother of her children, Cydney Bernard, split back in 2008, but last week the duo reunited when Jodie helped Cydney move some furniture. Hey, what else are exes for? Jodie, who came out of the closet at the 2013 Golden Globes with an emotional and powerful speech, is currently dating photographer Alexandra Hedison.