Kendall Jenner Calabasas CVS Kendall Jenner SUV Calabasas

Who put her up to this!?

On Thursday afternoon Kendall Jenner borrowed Scott Disick's white Bentley and went shopping at CVS near the Kardashian family compound, and after that she took her own tricked out black Range Rover to an auto body shop with a pal.

The 18-year-old reality starlet showed off her model bod in leggings boots and a Yeezus tee. Hmm, somehow we would have liked her look better if it was an 80s rock band shirt, but whatever ... she still looks gorgeous!

We're not sure what's going on with Kendall and rumored beau Harry Styles, but we have a feeling the two are going to hook up again soon! Harry is currently in Europe with his One Direction bandmates, but after their first date last month, the two had a romantic weekend together in New York City. Seeing as they spent the night at the same hotel and were inseparable for 48 hours, it seems like things are getting pretty serious!