LeAnn Rimes rocked a crop top, sucked it on and posted this selfie from the gym this morning and wrote, "5am workout before a glutinous week. Who got up w/ me?!" We have to admit, she looks pretty amaze!

And seeing as the country singer and hubby Eddie Cibrian are on their way to the airport this morning, we're thinking there's a good chance they've headed to Hawaii or Cabo, so LeAnn will probably be posing even more sexy shots of her toned tummy again in various bikinis. Hey, even if they're going to Aspen, she could always pull a Mariah Carey...

So what does LeAnn do to get her amazing bod? Last spring she revealed that she does an hour-long morning workout of boxing or Pilates four times a week, and she also watches what she eats with a low-fat, low-carb diet of Greek yogurt, fruit, eggs, spinach, fish and salads. Still, she has admitted that she lets herself indulge every once in a while. Whatever she's doing is working!