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Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street Writer's Guild autographs

Leonardo DiCaprio Wolf of Wall Street Writer's Guild autographs

Despite the fame and fortune, Leonardo DiCaprio is still as humble as can be.

Leo, who was more fox than wolf, signed autographs for eager fans on Saturday outside Beverly Hills' Writer's Guild Theater before attending a screening of his new film The Wolf of Wall Street. Like his boozy onscreen counterpart, party boy Jordan Belfort, he grabbed a cocktail after the event.

The film, which opens on Christmas Day, has already generated Oscar buzz. Leo is yet to nab an Academy Award. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Martin Scorcese cut explicit sex scenes from the three-hour long movie in order to lower its initial NC-17 rating. Considering the fact that there will be less scantily clad scenes of Leo, we're not sure how to feel about this news.