Could this situation get any worse?!

Pregnant Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans was arrested on December 14 and charged with breaching the peace after a noisy fight with boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith, but the MTV star insists the the whole incident was a ploy by a neighbor to sell the salacious story to a tabloid.

Just in case you were wondering, this is the troubled mom's tenth arrest in three years.

    "Went as far as my mom yelling at my neighbors if they don't stop she will sue them. She did it to sell a story. I've been in my house all day long... She even said Nathan was outside yelling at my mom on the phone... Lmfao no he wasn't," the expectant 21-year-old tweeted in response to the accusations.

In fact, Miss Evans claims her boyfriend's loud phone voice caused the whole debacle to begin in the first place.

    "lmfao me and Nathan weren't fighting she made it al up, Nathan voice is loud and he walks around outside to talk on the phone," she claimed in a separate tweet.

A baby is the last thing this girl needs!