Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lips sunglasses ring boots hand bag

Talk about a pout! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's lips were looking even more luscious than usual when she arrived at LAX from London on Thursday.

Outfitted in an understated chic heather gray sweatshirt, white jacket and slim blacks, the 25-year-old managed to turn heads with her understated glamour and good looks. The supermodel paired her look with a pricey Givenchy leather purse and oversized sunglasses. Even with minimal makeup, Rosie's signature bee-stung lips are hard to ignore.

While some may think she may do something to them to have such a pert pout -- we think Rosie has just been blessed with a full-figured mouth. In the July 2011, Jason Statham's lady love admitted she was made fun of for the way she looked when she was growing up, saying, "I was teased about the way I looked at school. I got teased because of my lips."

The English beauty even said, "I used to get called 'T*tt Lips' -- because I had big lips but no breasts. And then I was called Kipper Lips."

"There was a big group of girls that was Devons answer to Mean Girls, and they would storm the bathrooms shouting, Im going to f*cking deck you, Lips! See you on the school bus," Rosie continued.

Well that sounds terrible, but look who's laughing now?! The internationally renowned supermodel -- that's who!