More specifically, THIS bikini. Yowza!

Ashley Benson posed the above pic on Instagram yesterday, and it wasn't throwback Thursday, but we're not complaining! The 24-year-old starlet wrote, "Found this..... From my spring breakers audition."

Seeing as Ash spent most of the movie in a bikini, it's totally fine -- I mean, it's not like she pulled a Megan Fox and washed a Ferrari in a bikini at Michael Bay's house, you know.

And speaking of bodies, the Pretty Little Liars told Just Jared back in 2012, "I was super nervous before I got the movie and I was worried about it. I talked to [director] Harmony Korine about it and he was like, 'Theres no need to stress out. You guys are college students in the film and nobody has the perfect body! Harmony really wanted us to look like we drank all the time and we partied, because thats what they did, and he didnt want us to have perfect bodies."

She looks pretty perfect to us!