Jennifer Lopez covers the latest issue of Glamour UK, and inside the mag the 44-year-old singer/actress ditches her pants and shows off her enviable physique. Hot!

When asked about staying in shape, J. Lo tells the mag:
    Mentally, Im always thinking about it. Im OK looking this way, but at the same time that ambitious, determined girl inside me is like, Come on, lets be in the best shape ever and really show everybody. Then the other side of me thinks, Lets just relax on the beach chair.

While she doesn't get into specifics about her relationship with Casper Smart, who is 18 years her junior, she does chat about love and relationships, revealing that she likes things a little bit crazy!
    The dream is to have a balance where you feel you could relinquish control from time to time and still be taken care of. Its about finding a relationship that has enough good stuff to outweigh the bad, because nobodys perfect, right? But without the spark that conflict brings, life would be so boring. I want a bit of chaos in a relationship, but I also want a bit of safety and order.

So what are her thoughts on junk food?
    Im not one to over-indulge. It doesnt make me feel good. Some find it comforting to sit down and eat a whole pint of Haagen-Dazs, but that would make me throw up.

Jenny from the block is still keeping it real...