We bet she wished the night had ended with a house party, not handcuffs!

Justin Bieber was arrested for D.U.I. in Miami last night, but before he got hauled off to the slammer, he was partying at SET nightclub and whipping around in his yellow Lambo with model Chantel Jeffries.

Is it just us, or does JB's hottie look a lot like Kim K?! She has a lot in common with the reality star, too, since she's dated multiple celebs, including an NFL superstar.

The brunette stunner was in the passenger seat when The Biebs was pulled over by police. According to TMZ, the singer was drag racing against well-known rapper Khalil, who was also arrested at the scene.

Sources reveal the pop star's dad Jeremy Bieber was not only present at the time of the incident, but he facilitated his bad behavior by blocking off the residential street so his son could recklessly race.

We're standing by for a rehab announcement...