2014 is just NOT his year!

Justin Bieber will reportedly be charged with criminal assault for an altercation that occurred with a limousine driver in Toronto last December.

Apparently Justin took a limo and got into a fight with the driver, and at the time TMZ reports that a member of the 19-year-old pop star's entourage was being investigated, but three witnesses were interviewed yesterday and some of their statements incriminated Bieber. Additionally, the site reports that "Justin is accused of physically attacking the limo driver ... not simply ordering the attack."

Authorities in Toronto made it clear that they wanted to talk to Bieber, but after he failed to come in for an interview, they became annoyed and decided to move forward with the charges. Bieber is in Toronto right now, and sources tell the site that he will be booked for assault, given a citation and released on his own recognizance this afternoon.

While that issue doesn't seem that serious, when you factor in Bieber's other troubles over the last few weeks (his DUI arrest in Miami last week, a felony vandalism investigation/police raid a few days before that and numerous reports of the singer having a serious codeine addiction), it sounds like he really needs some straightening out.

This might explain why Usher and Scooter Braun flew to Panama a few days ago, but now what? Is Biebs going to check into rehab? Come back to California and look for a new mansion? Or go on another fancy vacation with his new lady love?

When asked where you think Bieber should go next, 6% of you said he should find a new pad in California, 35% of you said he should go to rehab and 57% of you say he should go back to Canada. We're not sure what his next move is, but this struck us as interesting -- someone from Bieber's camp covered up the "Double Cup" codeine reference on the skate ramp at his Calabasas home with a board today. Check out the exclusive photos in the gallery below...