When are his handlers going to step in and put an end to all this bad behavior?!

Justin Bieber is not exactly the favorite resident of his gated Calabasas community, and last night he proved why when he egged his neighbor's house and yelled profanities during the attack, TMZ reports.

Around 7:30pm, the neighbor heard a loud banging against his home and went to the second floor balcony to investigate the noise, only to find the pop singer pelting his residence with eggs. The chart topper even took aim at the home owner when he spotted him!

"F**k you! I got another one for you, actually!" he screamed, as the neighbor instructed his 13-year-old daughter to call the cops.

Apparently the "Baby" crooner and this particular neighbor have had run-ins in the past, so this sounds like it was a case of childish revenge!

Authorities are now investigating the incident, and since the victim claims JB was trespassing and the damage to his property far exceeds $400, The Biebs could potentially be charged with a felony!