Justin Bieber's BFF Lil Za was finally released from jail on Monday evening, but he spent some extra time behind bars because -- get this -- he was arrested while still in custody for vandalizing property at the Lost Hills Sheriff station!

Za was reportedly minutes from posting bail for his drug possession arrest when he lost his temper and broke a phone at the jail. Za was re-booked for vandalism, and depending on the cost of the equipment he destroyed, this charge could be a felony as well. Good thing Bieber has his back (and his bail money!), because this isn't the sort of thing that he'd be able to escape on his own -- bail was reportedly set at $70,000!

Za was arrested on Monday morning inside Bieber's Calabasas home for drug possession after police raided the residence in connection with the felony vandalism case in which Bieber reportedly egged his neighbor's house. Police initially stated that they found cocaine on Bieber's buddy, but now they believe the substance in question is MDMA, and Xanax was also found on the scene. The only "good" news for Za is that if he was in fact in possession of Molly, he'd only face a year in prison, as opposed to three for possession of cocaine.