LAPD has responded to a call from a Beverly Hills office building where Kanye West was said to be involved in a physical altercation, a source tells X17online exclusively.

Kanye arrived there about an hour ago and police arrived 10 minutes ago. A source inside the building tells X17: "Kanye beat up a guy and the guy called 911." It was unclear why the altercation started.

Kanye's fiancee Kim Kardashian just arrived at the building.

X17 has put in a call to LAPD and to the Sheriff's department but so far not information is available, we're told. One of our videographers on the scene asked an officer on the scene if Kanye did beat someone up and she would not confirm.

Stay tuned ...

UPDATE - We're told the victim is a teenager. Kanye left the building before the police arrived. Kim left in Kanye's Lamborghini. We asked Kim about the incident and she had no comment. There are six police vehicles in front of the building, including a crime lab unit truck.